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Anti Racism groups

Republic of Ireland Against racism is a volunteer , unfunded group which anyone can join and was set up Thurs 25th November2010 to oppose Racism with a focus on online racism and hate speech .

Feel free to add information/photos / comments to the group. We support all Anti Racism groups ….we want to show the racists on social media platforms like facebook that there are plenty people who will not tolerate racism in Ireland or on face book .

We are now on Twitter ROI Against Racism @ROIsaysno

ROI Against Racism fully supports an inclusive society in Ireland ,worldwide & in cyber society in which racial , ethnic, social, sexual orientation & gender differences are valued and respected. We ask our members to act in solidarity to fight racism , to report pages on facebook and individual posts from pages that incite racism, fear , xenophobia & hatred. We’ve been informed individual posts reported have a better chance of been taken down than a page being shut down. We are also strongly appealing to our members not to engage in dialogue with these pages. Pages which operate from agendas of hatred wish to bait people to enter into discussions which can become highly abusive and lead to a downward spiral of oppression and further ignorance. Instead consider alternatives such as the online Anti Racism tool to report racism in Ireland . The reports are fully confidential.

We are here 7 days a week saying ‘ No to racism’ through promoting online education,information and positive news. Together we stand in solidarity and say No to Racism. Thank you from all the team at ROI Against Racism.

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