Raidió Reibiliúnach – A podcast from Northwest Ireland

If you are anti capitalist and seek a new and better way of society to function, Raidió Reibiliúnach is the podcast for you ! While based in the North West of Ireland we look at the world through an internationalist lens. We aim to discuss all aspects of society, economics, feminism , history to the national question .

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Episode Two now out :

In this the second episode we discuss Imperialism, it’s cause and consequences. We were joined by Eleanor Morley of Socialist Alternative, Sydney Australia who spoke on the finds of the Brereton report into Australian special forces war crimes. We were also joined by Denis Halliday former United Nations, Assistant Secretary General, who resigned over the sanction on Iraq in 1998, characterizing them genocide. Denis has been involved with various peace initiatives since, including Shannon Watch. The interview with Denis focuses on Iraq and the Security Council then and now. We were also joined by James O’Toole of Rebel Telly to discuss Lenin’s analysis of Imperialism and how it relates to today. Further thanks to Dette McLoughlin of the Galway Alliance Against war for all her help. World Beyond War are holding Wednesday Webinars starting on the 13 January 2021 and running until the 10 February. Click on the link below to register. If you would like to get in contact:

In this first episode , we talk to Massachusetts based, Communist Historian, Doug Enna Greene about his forthcoming book, A Failure of Vision: Michael Harrington and the Limits of Democratic Socialism (Zero Books, 2021) . Doug is also author of Communist Insurgent, Blanqui’s Politics of Revolution, while penning articles for various leftist publications, such as Left Voice and Cosmonaut, which can all be found on his blog,