SARRA Sligo release their intended Repeal report on #NollaigNaMban in lieu of Repeal review .

” There’s still no abortion services in Sligo nearly five years on from the Repeal Referendum when Ireland voted Yes to repeal the 8th amendment in 2018 “, says Sarra an abortion rights group campaigning for services in Sligo which are still non existant.

The group are releasing their Repeal Review 2018 -2021 report on #NollaignaMban .

The groups Repeal Review report was originally written for a Government legislation review in 2021 but with the review now delayed by the government the group have decided to make their report available now to keep raising awareness that women girl and pregnant people are still having to travel from Sligo and the northwest if they experience a crisis pregnancy .

The group say there is still a need to keep campaigning for services all over the country which are still minimal. Reform of the legislation in Ireland is essential. Safe access zones were promised and are badly needed .

” Sligo and County Sligo voted for Repeal . This county-level gap in abortion care represents a serious failure of provision again to Northwest Ireland by the HSE , which cannot continue any longer.


Peigin Doyle spokesperson for the group said “People in Sligo and many other places in Ireland still have to travel to another county or country to access safe legal abortion and emergency telemedicine is not guaranteed after covid measures cease. Safe access zones were promised and are needed now more than ever.

No Sligo GP is yet providing abortion care officially through the website . A policy by the HSE of passively waiting for local GPs to step up to the plate has failed .”


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